Das Durchschnittliche gibt der Welt ihren Bestand, das Aussergewöhnliche ihren Wert. von Oskar Wilde


...is a company specialised in construction for exhibition, trade fair and events.

We use our unique structure to turn around clients’ projects efficiently - on time and in budget!

We’ve developed our own „Lego-System“ - you decide which components you need! Each brick in this system works on its own – or can be combined with other components for larger and complexer projects, resulting in faster communication and cost-efficient production. A one-stop solution for all your needs, we can cover concept, construction and documentation.

If there are special bricks that you want – we can get them! And we make sure that each brick fits perfectly.

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more; we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Ausstellungs-, Messe- und Dekorationsbau
Buchholzerstraße 36-43
13156 Berlin

+49 (0)30.810.99.086
+49 (0)30.810.99.087